Top Tips For City Driving Conditions

Cities are the most densely populated places and driving in the city proves many challenges for the driver due to the rush hour, one-way streets and busy pavements, anyone new to driving might want to navigate the area first. With so many hazards you will need to know the most efficient way to drive in these areas to make your drive as smooth as possible, within this article we are going to give out our best tips for driving in the city, to calm your nerves and to boost your confidence.

Plan your route

Plan ahead. The easiest way to avoid unwanted hassle and dramas. Getting lost in a city is very time consuming and frustrating especially when your in a rush or on a deadline, with many roads to navigate and traffic obstructions you may get lost and not find a way to get back on track. So when you are planning to drive in the city, plan your route before you leave or even refresh your knowledge on the layout of the roads or local area, you can do this easily on Google maps. Always make sure you allow for extra time when planning ahead for when you encounter wrong turns, accidents or road works, you can keep up to date with traffic news on the radio or many apps which accommodate for this.

Avoid rush hour if possible

Rush hours are the worse times to drive in the city this is when everyone is on the way to work so roughly between 7am-9am or when the city finishes work at 4pm-6pm, you will most certainly experience delays at these times, however it has been slightly better recently with more companies working from home due to the covid-19 pandemic. So we would avoid driving during this period unless its necessary as this will set you back far.

Know where you’re parking

Parking is a big issue within the city unless you want to pay a lot of money for a parking space. Prior to your journey it will be a good idea to find out where the available car parks are located and what they charge so that you can be prepared. This will save you time navigating around the city looking for a space and can also save you money as you will find the car parks with cheaper parking, alongside this it helps reduce car emissions which is so important currently. Most importantly be careful with parking in cities like London as there are many double yellow lines and strict rules you should adhere to otherwise you will be faced with a hefty fine.

Pay close attention to speed limits

Keeping an eye on the speed limits is a must as they are always changing in different locations within the city, this will keep you safe and also save you from paying a fine. However it can be easy to miss the speed limit sign to prevent this you could do some research on the speed limits while planning your route or even download apps such as Waze which acts as a sat nav but also notifies you of the speed limits.

Consider alternative forms of transport

Lastly, driving in the city can be worrying for many drivers especially new drivers so considering other forms of transport like buses or trains for example is ideal and could be much easier for you and avoid the stress of being held back in traffic. But if you are happy and confident enough to drive in the city get yourself an efficient and reliable car, you can do this in a cost-effective way by looking into zero deposit car finance which will allow you to pay monthly for your car.

Overall, there are many tips to follow when driving in the city to boost your confidence and allow for a stress-free journey. Good luck!