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Finding car finance in Plymouth

The world of car finance can be a confusing and overwhelming one, and we want to ensure you could get the car finance deal that suits your circumstances and needs. To that end, here are the steps involved in obtaining car finance in Plymouth through us.

From application to handing over the keys, our process is simple, streamlined, and stress-free!

How we work.

Car finance made easy with 4 simple steps

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding car finance doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing – we have answers to all of the questions that you may be asking.

What is car finance?

Car finance is a process in which the buyer – you – borrow money from a lender to allow you to purchase a new car without having to find a large sum of money upfront.

The most common type of car finance available is known as personal contract purchase (or PCP), or hire purchase (HP). With both of these options, you will pay a monthly fee for the privilege of owning the car, rather than paying upfront for the full cost of the vehicle. Instead, you will repay the bank over time by making regular payments each month.

With a PCP arrangement, you then pay a lump sum at the end of the term (known as a “balloon payment”), before the car officially becomes yours. With HP, this final payment is not required – the car becomes yours once you have made the final agreed payment.

If you choose to go down the PCP route, you may also opt to purchase additional services such as breakdown cover, insurance, and servicing. These extras are often included within the monthly payment, so they won’t affect the overall cost of the car.

Which car finance option is the best choice for me?

The best car finance option for you will depend largely on your personal circumstances, your finances, and your preferences – and we can help you untangle all of these to ensure you are matched with the best possible option for your lifestyle. Get in touch, and allow our team of experienced brokers to help you make a perfect choice.

Do I need good credit to be approved?

Not necessarily! Our team will do all that they can to find you the best deal, and ensure you secure the finance you need for your dream car.

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You’ll have a wide variety of options when it comes to picking a car. Prices vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, but you can expect to pay anything from £500 to £20,000, as well as everything in between!

  • Safety features

Safety is always important when driving, especially if you’re going to be using the car regularly. Some manufacturers offer optional extra safety features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and traction control systems.

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We’d never send you to the wrong place! Our fantastic network of carefully picked, trusted dealers mean you can get the car you want with complete piece of mind.

SAF Approved

SAF Approved provides recognition for companies like Car Finance Genie where all of our staff involved in your finance application have passed the SAF Expert test.

CFG Quality Assured

Our rigorous checks and trusted dealers mean you can drive away without having any worries on your new vehicle’s quality.

No deposit finance available

We offer various flexible options within our finance options including bad credit finance and car finance without a deposit. Whatever your situation, we’ll try our best to help!

Years of experience

There’s no question our car finance specialists won’t try and answer. Put it to the test and get in touch today!