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If you’re on the lookout for the most affordable business car leasing solutions online, there’s no need to venture further than Car Finance Genie. We make available attractive car lease and business contract hire options to customers from across ‘UK plc’, encompassing sole traders, partnerships, and small, medium-sized and larger businesses and corporations.

You might have landed on our website due to an interest in obtaining a new business vehicle for yourself, or you may desire fleet arrangements for your entire workforce.

Whatever your specific preferences and requirements may be, we are confident that we can bring you suitable and attainable business car finance.

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With deals available from 8.9% to 10.9% APR for both company cars and commercial vehicles such as various types of van, you can be assured of benefitting from the complete service for your business or trade.

Why Choose Car Finance Genie?

Our Incredible Service

We offer fantastic customer service, based in Brentwood, Essex, throughout your application process and beyond. With over 100 independent five star reviews, don’t take our word for it. Find out what our customers have to say!

Trusted Dealer Network

We’d never send you to the wrong place! Our fantastic network of carefully picked, trusted dealers mean you can get the car you want with complete piece of mind. As we hand pick our dealers, we trust them to provide you with the vehicle you want in exactly the condition you want it at a great price!

SAF Approved

SAF Approved provides recognition for companies like Car Finance Genie where all of our staff involved in your finance application have passed the SAF Expert test. This makes us ready to assist and give you the best advice on any queries you may have.

CFG Quality Assured

Here at Car Finance Genie, every vehicle is quality assured to our highest quality assurance standards. Our rigorous checks and trusted dealers mean you can drive away without having any worries on your new vehicle’s quality.

No Deposit Finance Available

Want to get a great car finance deal but haven’t been able to build up a deposit to put towards it? No problem! We offer various flexible options within our finance options including bad credit finance and car finance without a deposit. Whatever your situation, we’ll try our best to help!

Years of Experience

Our experts have many years of experience combined- whatever your situation is, we’ve probably seen it before! There’s no question our car finance specialists won’t try and answer. Put it to the test and get in touch today!

Why should you seriously consider business car leasing?


The generous stock of vehicles that we make available to anyone taking out car finance with us allows you to be confident of leasing a vehicle that matches your most discerning business requirements. We allow you to pick from a wealth of leading manufacturers and models of sought-after company cars and commercial vehicles.

• Minimal capital expenditure. When you wish to equip your workforce with new vehicles that satisfy day-to-day business needs, but without your company having to commit a lot of capital expenditure, business car leasing makes considerable sense, combining a low initial outlay with similarly low monthly rental payments

• Cost-effectiveness. As a means of giving yourself and your staff access to brand new cars or vans, leasing tends to be the most cost-effective solution over the term of the lease

• Enabling staff to routinely drive new vehicles. With a business car finance arrangement from Car Finance Genie, you can have a new car or van to drive every few years, with all the benefits this brings in terms of vehicle specification and safety

• Hand back the keys and lease again. Owning a vehicle privately brings the hassle and stress of having to eventually try to sell it on privately. A business car finance deal enables you to bypass all this, giving you access to a new vehicle that you then hand back as soon as the lease is over. That, in turn, allows you to then lease another vehicle straight away

• No worries about depreciation. Most vehicles lose a significant chunk of their value – potentially half or more – in the three years immediately after they roll off the dealer forecourt. This is something else you won’t have to fret about with business car leasing, as it will be the vehicle funder taking on the depreciation risk

• Fixed monthly payments. As a business owner, you are likely to appreciate any means by which you can keep costs predictable over time. A business car finance arrangement from Car Finance Genie gives you precisely this, in the form of fixed monthly payments throughout the lease

• VAT recoverable. Did you know that you can recover as much as 100% of the VAT on a vehicle that is used exclusively for business purposes? This reduces to 50% if the vehicle also sees some private use; nonetheless, that is still an impressive saving

• Full warranty. Lease your next business vehicle via Car Finance Genie to also benefit from a full manufacturer’s warranty, which will usually cover the entire lease period

How It Works

Business contract hire vs business lease purchase

Not all forms of business car finance are the same. Business contract hire, for example – also sometimes referred to as ‘business car leasing’ or ‘contract hire’ – allows you to pay to use a vehicle over a period of 24 months, 36 months, or 48 months. When the contract expires, you can then just return the vehicle to the finance company.

Business lease purchase differs from this, in that it enables you to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract. This kind of arrangement typically entails paying low monthly rental instalments over the term, with a balloon payment at the end. The latter allows you to acquire the vehicle when the agreement comes to an end, with the exact amount you will be expected to pay depending on the value of the vehicle.

You could be behind the wheel sooner than you think

Vehicle leasing presents a host of advantages for businesses.

Financing a car through your business enables you to avoid paying for the larger initial sum that would otherwise be required to purchase the vehicle outright.

Business car leasing is also a great way to make vehicles of a more premium level attainable on your firm’s budget.

Even once the lease comes to an end, you won’t need to try to sell the car in order to move on to another one. Instead, you can just return the keys and commit to a new vehicle on a new contract.

We are extremely proud of every single one of our independent customer reviews

Business Car Finance FAQs

Yes, it is! Using your leased vehicle exclusively for business entitles you to recover as much as 100% of the VAT. In the event that you also use the vehicle for some private purposes, you will be able to reclaim up to 50%, and the same applies to fuel and your servicing costs.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size your business is – whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, a limited liability or public limited company, or even a charity, you can commit to a business car lease. You will be subject to certain processes and requirements when applying for business car finance, including a credit check, being a currently trading business, and being able to demonstrate an appropriate level of income and/or profit.
Would you like to learn more about your options for business car finance through Car Finance Genie? If so, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 01277 583 046 today.