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Wish upon a broker!

Car Finance Genie believes that using a broker should add value to your dealership. We believe it is our job to make your life easier and to make selling cars easier. Our service and our office are set up with the primary goal of shifting units.

We want to grow with our partners! We have worked hard to understand the challenges dealerships face. Everybody wants more time, more money, and more capacity. It is our job as your broker to help. We leverage technology for speed, but not at the expense of a personal touch.

We properly investigate a customer’s profile to ensure the best outcome for all parties and to ensure no deals are missed. We have a diverse panel with hugely diverse lending criteria. We offer highly competitive commission packages, and everything we do is built on transparency and trust.

We have worked hard to build a strong team of good, honest people, and our dealers see us as an extension of their team. #WishuponABroker

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Fast decisions
Fast payouts

Fast decisions. Fast payouts.


Market-leading Commissions

20+ lenders – prime, near-prime, and subprime

20+ Lenders - Prime, Near-prime and Subprime

Sell more cars

Sell More Cars

Save time; we do the donkey work

Save time - We Do The Donkey Work

Personalised service to fit your needs

Personalise Service to Fit Your Needs