Top 5 tips to pass your car theory test

Learning how to drive is a major step that so many of us take! Whether we do it in adolescence or adulthood, taking our car theory test is the first sign that we’re ready to hit the road and well on our way to travelling freedom.

When it comes to passing this theory test, though, the usual advice of “just revise!” doesn’t always suffice. We all learn in different ways, and it helps to have a few tips and tricks on hand to make sure you know the content and can apply your knowledge of The Highway Code in test conditions.

Check out some of these top tips, here.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re not keen on reading the entirety of The Highway Code or unable to memorise every page, look to other resources that can help you practise – and pass – your theory test.

Your car theory test is made up of two important parts: Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception. Consider practice tests, DVSA-approved apps that test your knowledge on your phone, or even being asked questions by a friend or family member. Practice makes perfect, and these are all ways in which you can revise without stressing out!

Get out on the road

In a similar vein to practising knowledge, also test your practical skills! Although the car practical test comes after your theory, some of us are kinetic learners. We learn best on the go! While you’re behind the wheel, apply your theory knowledge to real life – what do certain road signs mean, and are you aware of the potential hazards around you? Of course, always drive with a qualified supervisor or instructor by your side.

Book your theory test

Perhaps this tip is a little too obvious, but booking your theory test is the first step to actually passing! By booking your theory test well in advance, you’re likelier to be mentally prepared by the time the day comes. Pick a date and time when you won’t have to rush or cram for other studies. If you’re stress-free and relaxed, you will have a much better chance of acing the test.

Mock tests

When revising for any test, not just your car theory, it helps to try a few mock tests before the real thing. Take a look at the government-run Safe Driving for Life website and challenge yourself with their Multiple Choice mock tests. A mock test is a great tool for showing you exactly what knowledge you need to brush up on.

Don’t forget your provisional licence

Of course, all the revising and the hours of study don’t matter if you forget your provisional licence photocard! This is a necessity for sitting your test, and if you leave it at home, you’ll still have to pay the test fee. Remember your photocard, and don’t forget to take a breather during the test itself. By taking time to reflect on your answers, you’ll be in the right mindset to get them all correct.

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