3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Car

Sure; as a driver, it’s understandable that you might become very attached to your existing car over time, even when it is no longer in its prime or as useful to you as it once was. However, at some point, you will need to come to terms with the reality that it is surely time to replace your four-wheeled pride and joy.

Here are a few signs that the moment in question has come for you to upgrade your car.

  1. The car’s warranty is almost up

With routine check-ups and regular maintenance, cars nowadays generally last for longer periods of time, which as a result, means it is expected that you won’t need to use your car’s warranty very often. When your warranty coverage is about to expire, however… that could be a great moment to seriously consider changing your vehicle.

Replacing your car while it is still under warranty may help to boost the market valuation of your vehicle, so that you can sell or trade it in more easily.

As for when you are looking for the replacement vehicle, the right zero deposit car finance could greatly help you to make it more affordable.

Be wary, though, of the process involved if you wish to get rid of an existing car and there is still an associated loan you need to pay off. Naturally, the type and nature of the finance arrangement you have in place will dictate what you can do here, so it is important to carefully check your loan’s terms and conditions.

  1. You constantly need to have your car repaired

Over the course of your car’s life, it is almost certainly going to require the occasional repair here and there. Our motors are always going to endure some major (and minor) faults that demand attention – but if the frequency and expensiveness of the repair jobs is starting to accelerate, you’ve probably reached a moment when you ought to seriously consider upgrading.

If your car does often require extensive repairs, we would urge you to carefully consider the associated finances that are involved in the repair process. In particular, you must calculate and work out if the cost of repairs will exceed the car’s actual worth, as you won’t want to be paying extortionate prices that surpass its actual value.

If the above does prove to be the case, it will probably be cheaper for you to actually upgrade and buy a new or used car, instead of continuing to spend money and splash crucial cash on a car that will only break down again soon. Ultimately, if you keep on having problems with your car, it’s a huge sign that it’s nearing the end of its practical life.

  1. Your car’s technology is becoming outdated

There was once a time when you could drive your car for about five to seven years, and it would most likely still be fitted with many of the same gizmos as a newer model. The exterior style may have changed somewhat, and the performance might have improved slightly in the subsequent versions, but in many cases, there were no substantial alterations.


However, because automotive technology is improving at such a rapid pace nowadays, if you keep your car for too much time, you may lose out on accessing new technologies and features that will enhance your journey by making driving easier, safer and more convenient. With today’s fast technological advancements, it appears that vehicles receive substantial new features every couple of years, so you really could be missing out by holding onto your current car for too long.

The longer you wait, the more your car is at risk of becoming completely outdated in terms of its technology and features, meaning it could lose its market value much quicker than you might anticipate. You could do a check-up on your car’s technology to determine what it’s missing, what it still has that you consider modern and useful, and what is outdated.

There you have it – three simple indicators that the time to replace your car altogether is fast approaching. Remember that here at Car Finance Genie, we have a high level of skill and experience in helping drivers to obtain attractive car finance deals, even if they may have been rejected by other lenders.

Furthermore, you might not even need to foot the cost of a deposit – although if you can stretch to a deposit, this will lower your monthly premiums going forward. Simply apply today to take advantage of our quick, convenient, and accessible car finance service.