Top 5 Incredible Celebrity Car Collections

Top 5 Celebrity Car Collections

For us, come payday, we might treat ourselves to a new top or a nice meal out. For the celebs on this list however, it might be a new Ferrari, a classic one-of-a-kind Mercedes, or even a car that isn’t available to the general public yet.

Owning a nice car is often part and parcel of being a successful, and its often straight out of the wrapper, brand new supercars that they’re seen in. For the celebrities on this list however, their devotion and love stretches well beyond the latest Lamborghini model. It’s a hobby to spend six, (sometimes seven, but surely not eight) figures on a new member of the vehicle family.

If you don’t have the eyewatering budgets that these celebrities do, we offer Car Finance with zero deposit, which may be mush more inviting than spending millions of pounds on a steam powered car made of wood (we’ll get to that later).

Here are our top five collections from celebrities you might know:

Ralph Lauren

At number five, its the designer fashion icon that’s made a man playing polo a global symbol. Despite being the revolutionary mind behind arguably the most famous horse symbol on the planet, Ralph prefers an impressive motor collection than a ride on horseback. Being the owner of a multi-million-dollar fashion brand comes with its perks.

With an estimated worth of around $5.8 billion, I think I’d buy lots of cars too. I mean, what else is he going to spend his hard-earned cash on?

With nearly 70 cars in his incredible collection, the clothing kingpin boasts a hypothetical garage that includes stylish petrol burners like a McLaren F1, a beautiful Lamborghini Reventon and a very rare 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK “Count Trossi”.

His collection is rumoured to be worth an eye watering $350 million and has even featured in some of his catwalk shows, surrounded by other stunning models in some of his famous clothes.

It isnt just the cars that are impressive either. The (real this time) garage where they are housed is a two-floor museum like structure that was built into an old car dealership in New York. The space was equipped with black floors, white walls and stunning lighting to showcase his collection in their best light, literally.

Lady Gaga

In at number 4 comes the famous singer turned actress Lady Gaga. She doesn’t house the biggest car collection on the list by any means, but considering she only learnt to drive in 2016, Gaga already has ‘the bug’. She has an put together an impressive collection of sought after models in a short space of time, including her mint blue Chevy Nova SS and black Chevy El Camino.

But she can also boast a classic such as her Mercedes-Benz W123 and Ford F-150 Pick Up. You might recognise the latter from when she was famously pulled over in just two weeks after she passed her driving test.

On top of her muscle cars and classics, Gaga also owns stylish elegance you might associate with her more, adding two Rolls-Royce Phantoms to her fleet, as well as a Porsche Boxster and Lamborghini Huracán. For someone so concerned with the p-p-paparazzi, she won’t be difficult to spot!

I’ll see myself out.

Rowan Atkinson

Despite being most famous for portraying the always unfortunately situated Mr Bean, Rowen Atkinson has ditched the trademark yellow Mini cooper for cars you might ascociate more with another of his characters- Johnny English.

The actor’s taste in cars couldn’t be further from his quirkiest character. His collection contains some of the most universally accepted as tasteful and classy cars such as an Aston Martin V8 Zagato and a Bentley Birkin Muslanne.

What you may not know, is Rowan’s passion stretches far beyond having these cars just for collecting purposes. He puts them to good use, putting his pedal to the metal and racing them.

He even famously crashed his Aston Martin V8 while competing in an owners’ club event along with the time he crashed one of his most prestigious possessions, his rare purple McLaren F1. Twice! But don’t worry, he went on to sell the McLaren in 2015 for smooth £8 million.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfield, another actor turned car enthusiast, famous for his namesake show ‘Seinfeld’, a show written and acted by Jerry as a fictional version of himself. The immense success of the show catapulted Jerry Seinfeld to stardom and unimagined riches. Jerry is estimated to have a net worth of a ridiculous $820 million and growing. His earnings made him the highest-paid comedian in the world for several years.

However, Jerry is a car lover by heart; more specifically, he’s a Porsche lover by heart. He owns a ridiculous 43 Porsches. What on earth does he do with them all!

To give you an understanding of how vast his car collection is, he has to rent his own airport hanger just to store his collection of cars like some kind of Grand Theft Auto character.

Jay Leno

Another famous comedian, most well know for hosting “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”, Jay arguably has one of the most famous and varied car collections in the world, which makes him our number one.

Leno reportedly has a collection of almost 300 cars and bikes and his collection alone was once valued at around $50 million. Short change, however, for someone reportedly worth seven times that.

Some of his most notable cars include a Duesenberg Model X of which only 5 still exist, a 2006 EcoJet which wasn’t made for production and was built in his own garage- making it completely unique and inaccessible for the public. On top of this, he owns a 1906 Stanley Steamer – not only powered by steam but made entirely of wood- yes you read that right!

Luckily for us, Jay loves to share his collection with others and offers fans a glimpse of his most popular cars in his CNBC show ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, where you can get a full understanding of just how vast his collection really is.