The Best 5 Automotive Events Around The World

The Best 5 Automotive Events Around The World

There are few places that bring so many people with a similar interest together like an automotive show. Auto shows are traditionally the biggest events in the car industry, and they attract millions from all over the world every year. Not only do car makers and brands use car shows as a perfect event to promote their latest products, but also to test out concept vehicle designs and features in order to get a gauge of consumer enthusiasm.

Of course, there are other, more organic car shows that serve as a meeting place for like-minded individuals who have a passion for all things auto. At events all around the world, car companies and industry insiders get a chance to rub shoulders and pick the brains of their dream customers. often can develop new ideas based on the feedback they receive. Although we can’t offer these weird and wonderful conceptual creations, we offer fantastic Car Finance in Essex, which means you can turn up to these events in style.

Here are five of our favourite car events around the world:

Tokyo Motor Show

As Japan is where several of the world’s largest automakers are based, a Tokyo Motor Show makes perfect sense. The motor show allows Japanese car manufacturers to highlight some of their latest and greatest inventions, concept cars and Tokyo, as one of the biggest cities in the entire world, has plenty of car enthusiasts and media to get the word out. The show is held every other year and brings out car buffs from around the world. The Tokyo Motor Show is known for its high concentration of concept vehicles instead of traditional production models, making for some pretty weird and wonderful exhibitions.

International Geneva Motor Show

The city of Geneva is known as a meeting place for elite global politicians. It’s also a meeting place for some of the elite car enthusiasts, too. Every March, the city’s Palexpo convention venue complex becomes home to hundreds of thousands of car fans and industry officials alike. The International Geneva Motor Show has become one of the most vital industry-focused events of the year and is often chosen to be the host of many debutants within both new production and concept models alike.

Auto Shanghai

China is quickly becoming one of the most fascinated when it comes to cars and how far they can be pushed (not literally). This makes China such a vital new target for the automotive industry at large and the perfect venue for a huge motor show. Also, the country is home to a huge number of people in very dense, populated cities. This makes much of the Chinese population huge potential customers. Auto Shanghai is held every other year and has seen growth in almost every event since its inception in the 1980s. The show has become a strong staging event for both North American and European car companies to show off their latest models and technological advances to the Asian market and is sure to only grow in focus once the world returns to normality.

Woodward Dream Cruise

The famed Woodward Dream Cruise is a car lover’s holy grail. More than 30,000 muscle cars, hot rods, and all manner of weird and wonderful creations. Its held on Woodward Avenue just outside of Detroit, bringing spectators that number in the hundreds of thousands — if not millions to the city in Michigan. The Cruise dates all the way back in 1848 when, incredibly, carriage drivers would race along the roads to the amusement of a gathering crowd. Since then, the road was used for street racing, and now hosts the annual Dream Cruise on the third Saturday of every August. It’s the world’s largest single-day automotive event and is a bucket list highlight for car lovers across the world.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The final event on our list is the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed, which many see as the World Cup final of all automotive events. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held every year in West Sussex, England, right here in the UK. Held during the summer months in June or July without a fixed date, the Goodwood Festival regularly attracts crowds of more than 100,000 on each of the three days on which it is held, despite not being fixed in the calendar. The festival itself is held on the grounds of the Goodwood estate, a location with very important ties to British automotive history, and features a weekend of fun for all the family, not just the biggest car enthusiasts.