What’s coming next for BMW?

BMW is a German manufacture company in luxury vehicles with headquarters in Munich, Bavaria and Germany. Founded in 1916 in Munich and actually started as a airplane manufacture during the world wars and its first car wasn’t released until 1928, since then they have become a luxury and performance based manufacture for cars. Within this article we will talk more about BMW and discover the new models for 2021.

BMW are clever in how they name their cars, and each name has a reason behind it, they use an alphanumeric system. They come in numbered series from 1 to 8, the larger cars have odd-numbers whereas the even-numbers tend to variants of the previous series. The x models are SUVs, Z models are roadsters and those with an i at the start suggests they are electric or hybrid. The second set of numbers is about the engine and how big it is, the bigger the number the bigger the engine, finally the last letter shows what type of engine the model has (most being i for gasoline).

As we are now coming out of the pandemic and the world is returning to its normal state, people are back spending money on cars. Beforehand the motor Industry took a big hit due to covid-19, buying habits changed massively. Individuals didn’t have that extra disposable Income and because of restrictions we weren’t allowed to travel, and most people worked from home, so there was no need for cars at this point especially buying a brand new one. So, if you are now thinking of buying a brand new car, here are some top picks which are being released soon.


This futuristic model, was built with space in mind, redefining the future. Coming soon in November, prices starting from £69,905 to £91,905. The shape mixes between minimalism with the minimal surfaces combined with more expressive elements, to express power. This model prides itself in comfort and to bring joy to the journey, these luxurious features include new lounge seats with maximum room for movement and beautiful contrast stitching. Technology offers 20 times more features than any other BMW model. Including, the intelligent search console and the idrive touch, 5G connectivity, satellite navigation and plenty more.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

The second impressive model is the BMW 2 series coupe, is back sleek and sporty. Designed with all the technology features to assist the driver for maximum performance, made to drive. This is a model brought by the average customer, not for the car enthusiast, they are keen to change the ways. The 2 series coupe has a strong and confidence presence on the road due to its contemporary design and elements from the original model, making it really stand out. Also, brand new seats with comfort at the forefront of design, allowing for more headroom and supportiveness, not seen before on previous models.

The i4

The first electric Gran Coupe. Combining performance with contemporary comfort. Competing directly with the Tesla Model 3, entering the UK market very soon prices starting from £51,905. A fun feature added to this model is launch control, the new traction control allows for the execution of controlled drifts, bringing further enjoyment to the car lovers.

Sales of electric cars in the recent year are going crazy, minimal sound, cheaper to run, smooth drive, who wouldn’t want an electric car?! At the end of August 2021, 600,000 plug-in vehicles, 300,000 battery electric and 300,000 plug in hybrids were registered on the UK’s roads. The i4 can charge to 80% within just 30 minutes, which is crazy.

Overall, these few BMW models are very appealing to those car enthusiasts with the most advanced technology and confident appearances. However, if these are out of your budget, quite rightly so! Car finance companies offer no deposit car finance which will give you more chance of getting the car that you want, for a price your happy to pay.