What are the Pros of Black Box Insurance?

When it comes to car insurance, often people are in two minds on whether to apply for insurance that includes a black box or not. Often, people think of black box insurance purely as a way to lower the costs of their premium, but what are the other pros that might help you make an informed decision?

Improve your driving skills

When you have a black box fitted, it will probably, whether subconsciously or directly, improve your driving habits. You’ll be given secure access to view the data collected by your black box, which can give you great insights in ways you can improve your driving.

By implementing these changes, you can aim to reduce your premium year on year.

Cheaper insurance for convicted drivers

Black box insurance could actually be a good option for drivers with convictions. This is because a premium price will be increased based on your previous driving history rather than your current driving habits and safety. That can really push up the cost of car insurance. Black box options can help lower your premium as a convicted driver and be charged much more based around your current driving rather than your past.


Black box insurance uses GPS technology to determine a vehicle’s location at all times. This can be a deterrent to would-be thieves and a useful aid to recovering your vehicle if it’s stolen. Police can work with your insurance company to recover your car based on your black box GPS location.

If you think your car’s safety and theft-deterrent system may be out of date, you can use our Car Finance Calculator to look for an upgrade, perfect to start your black box premium with.

Helpful feedback for parents

Parents have an obvious interest in following their son or daughter’s progress as they go out on their own after passing their test. Accessibility to black box data can help to put parents’ minds at rest that their child is driving sensibly. If you want to make sure your son or daughter is driving in a car that will give you peace of mind with them at the wheel, look at our vehicle stock.

Lower premiums for careful drivers

Accident, injury, and claim statistics have driven up insurance premiums for young drivers as a whole, but why should careful drivers be treated the same as the bad ones? Well, the good thing is, they aren’t.

Black box insurance gives you the chance to have an individual premium for your own situations, rather than being offered the same premiums as other people just because you have similar situations.

Black box data can be useful in settling claims

Insurance claims sometimes use black box data to help settle claims or determine fault after an accident. For example, if a situation is up for dispute, it can highlight which insured driver was at fault. This is done through data that the black box generates, such as if a driver was speeding, accelerating or braking, as well as the force of impact. If a third party is disputing your version of events, that could be to your advantage and help prove you were not in the wrong.