Top 5 Up And Coming Car Brands

Top 5 up and coming car brands

When most of us look to buy a new car, we often look first to brands we’re familiar with. That’s understandable; any car is a big investment, and it’s often easier to make a purchase based on personal experience with an established brand.

But if you’re feeling brave enough for your next car acquisition to branch out and try something new, or just want to know what the future of driving could look like, here are five up-and-coming car brands that are doing amazing things right now.


In 2018, SEAT created the Cupra brand as its “independent high-performance branch”. The brand started out by offering high-performance versions of already known and loved SEAT products, like the Cupra Ibiza and Cupra Leon.

Boasting engine sizes of 1.8 litres and two litres respectively, as well as a turbocharged engine, Cupras are a well-respected motor among petrol heads.

But Cupra hasn’t stopped at producing some of fastest cars on the road. That’s because the marque has broken more boundaries by unveiling the Cupra Born, its first electric car. The Born is set to mark the start of a new era for Cupra and its expansion into the electric market.


Similar to the association between SEAT and Cupra, Abarth was bought by Fiat in the early ‘70s. Although most of us recognise the Abarth name on account of its motorsport heritage, in recent years it has relaunched as the daughter company of Fiat, offering its own line-up of vehicles.

The Fiat 500 is one of the most recognisable cars on the road, and the Abarth 595 is no exception. Although the 595 has the same shell as the sleek city car, that is where the similarities end. The Abarth’s aggressive bod kit, stiff suspension and masses of extra horsepower (140bhp, compared to the 500’s 101bhp) make it a rival to the Ford Fiesta ST.

Sure, Abarth isn’t quite as high-profile or as instantly recognisable a name as Ford just yet. However, it will certainly be a marque to watch in the coming years.


It’s almost impossible to discuss anything up and coming, without giving a nod to Google. Many of us will have head whisperings of a self-driving car coming in 2018, but Google are yet to even launch that particular product.

Waymo claims to be committed to safety and aims to become the “World’s Most Experienced Driver”. On its mission to do so, Waymo has driven over 20 billion miles, both in the real world and in simulations.

However, some people may be hesitant about advances like the Waymo, especially after Elaine Herzberg was tragically hit and killed by a self-driving Uber in Arizona in 2018. Google’s CEO John Krafcik does insist that his car could have handled the situation, but is that enough to ease the minds of the sceptics?


Cruise is quite possibly the most notable and viable competitor to Google’s Waymo. Starting in San Fransisco, Cruise aims to become a self-driving ride hail service that will get you anywhere you want to go. Cruise vehicles are entirely electric and emit zero emissions, meaning users are given piece of mind about how sustainable they are being.

The technology that Cruise claims to include is incredible. With extensive safety features, no steering wheel, pedals or mirrors, Cruise is set to be a vehicle all about the passenger. Even the doors are designed with convenience in mind – they’re three times the size of a standard passenger door.

Cruise is even taking it one step further than Google! The brand is collaborating with Walmart to start delivering groceries directly to doors in Phoenix, Arizona.


We all know that electric vehicles are going to be in our future, but one company that has made major strides in this area is Workhorse. Workhorse specialises in manufacturing 100% electric delivery vehicles.

Workhorse manufactures electric vehicles that are used by UPS and other major delivery services. Its C-series vehicles are powered by modular batteries boasting between 35 and 70 kilowatt hours.

The brand’s newest venture was to move into electric pickup trucks. The W-15 has the look of a GMT900 Chevrolet Silverado, but with the tech of Workhorse. Although the vehicle was promised in 2018, the development has since been discontinued. According to, Workhorse made the decision to continue its core business with vans and delivery systems.

Emerging brands like the above are showing that the future of motoring could be one full of possibility. But what about when you’re seeking an affordable set of wheels right now? Well, that’s where CarFinanceGenie comes in. Apply today to take advantage of the best car finance deals for all manner of both desirable and affordable vehicles.