Top 5 Items Stolen From Cars

Top 5 Items Stolen From Cars

Coming back from a shopping trip or a day out and finding your car broken into is a horrible experience, especially if you’ve never been unfortunate enough to have experienced it yourself. On top of the trauma of the actual theft, chances are you’ll experience chasing up your insurance company, talking to the police and replacing whatever was taken.

If you’re unlucky to be targeted randomly there isn’t much you can do, however, knowing what items are stolen from cars on a regular basis and making sure none of these items are on show is the first step to protecting your belongings as much as possible. So here are the top 5 things that are regularly stolen from vehicles:

  1. Backpacks and Briefcases

Briefcases and backpacks are often a jackpot for thieves. Who knows what will be inside? Stack of cash, proprietary business info, a laptop, camera or all of the above? To you, it may be just an empty bag, but to someone looking in, it’s potentially a big pay out, so try to keep these things out of sight if they have to be kept within the car.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses. Often a summer essential (when we actually get the weather to use them), but when they aren’t needed, it might just seem an easier option to leave them in the car. However, this gives the thief an easier option too. The option being the car with a 200 pound pair of sunglasses on show or the car without them. Yes, 200!

In many cases, sunglasses fall into the luxury category. Considering Ray Ban Aviators, one of the most popular types for drivers retails for £100 minimum. Take them with you if you leave the car, even if the weather suggests otherwise. You might look a bit silly, but you may end the day a lot better off.

  1. Purse or Wallet

Quickly running into the shop? Be 5 minutes tops? Posting a letter? All scenarios that may take you away from your vehicle for mere moments, but all scenarios that could have catastrophic consequences if your wallet is on show. Often left by mistake, a wallet or purse is one of the biggest targeted items when it comes to car thefts. It happens, and it happens way more often than you think. Thieves love it when people go to pay for the petrol they just pumped in their car. By the time you run back to the car, that person is already making their getaway. Take it with you wherever you’re going. Save yourself the hassle of the hours chasing new bank cards, spotting fraudulent behaviors, applying for a new driver’s license. Instead, why not spend that time applying for car finance instead and treat yourself to a stunning brand new car?

  1. Pets

Does your dog love hanging out of the window on long car trips? We all know about not leaving a pet in a hot car, but another consideration is they could be abducted.  It’s once again way more common than you think that pets are taken, including in broad daylight and straight out of an open window or unlocked car door.  Take your pets with you when you leave the vehicle! If they can’t come with you wherever you’re going, consider leaving them at home.

  1. Phones and Headphones

Your phone contains almost everything someone would ever need to know about you. From the embarrassing Ibiza 2017 pictures to your online banking password, if someone gets hold of your device it could end very badly for you. Losing it is scary. Worse is knowing someone who has bad intentions in general, has it in their grasp. It may go without saying, but never, ever leave your phone, tablet, hand-held game, or laptop visible, on display in your car. These are some of the most valuable items to sell, not including the value of your private information which cause you unprecedented stress.

Headphones are another luxury item that has gained more consumer popularity over the last five years. With new noise-cancelling, Bluetooth, and cordless models, prices have only gone up over time as features proliferate. This means, in turn, prices have also gone up when it comes to selling them. Even if you’re not an owner of an expensive pair, think from the outside looking in- literally. Do your basic apple headphones look like £200 air pods through a window? Take them with you or hide them all together!

What Can You Do?

So, other than not keeping these items in your vehicle where possible, or keeping them out of sight where it isn’t, what else can you do?

Well, as cars have progressed and improved, so have security systems. Maybe its time to upgrade your car to give you the latest security technology. You can see our stock here for some of our latest models.