Is Pass Plus Really Worth It?

Have you just passed your test and want to feel as comfortable and safe on the road as possible? Maybe you’ve been driving a while and just want to increase your knowledge of the roads you drive on? Maybe you’re applying for jobs that require driving abilities and want to get ahead of the other candidates? Whatever your reasoning for taking out the Pass Plus scheme, we’re here to decide if it’s really worth it or not.

What is Pass Plus?

You might be sitting here ticking none of the previous scenarios. In fact, you might not even know what the Pass Plus scheme is. Well, Pass Plus is a practical training course that requires at least 6 hours of a driver’s time and is designed to improve their skills and drive more safely.

When’s The Best Time To Take It?

It can be taken at any time, no matter how long you’ve been driving. It doesn’t matter about experience either as its very likely that you’ll learn something from it even if you’re a very frequent driver. However, its most likely to have the biggest benefit to new drivers in the year after passing their test. If you’re worried about safety on the road as a new driver, apply for car finance today with us to get a car that has safety features that suit your needs.

So Why Would You Take It?

Paying for extra driving training after passing your test is often thought of as a good return of investment when it comes to insurance premiums. At least, that’s what many people who invest in the scheme might reasonably expect.

However, that’s not necessarily always the case.

Analysis of thousands of motor insurance quotes actually showed that completing a Pass Plus course – which the Government themselves actually claims online ‘may help you get a car insurance discount’ – will make little, or no, difference to the amount you pay for annual cover.

Incredibly, despite offering the two separate options, insurance providers did not typically change their pricing when customers changed their licence type from ‘full UK car licence’ to ‘full UK car licence with Pass Plus. This analysis came from 50,000 quotes on MoneySupermarket show.

That’s despite these courses, which cost between £150 and £200 and take more than six hours to complete, being advertised by the government themselves as being able to cut premiums.

What Does It Include?

Pass Plus training covers six different modules. These are: driving in town, driving in all weathers, driving on rural roads, driving at night and driving on dual carriageways and on motorways.

If I Don’t Save Money, What Else Will I Gain?

While extra driving courses won’t guarantee cheaper insurance costs, they will certainly improve the driving skills of new and inexperienced licence holders. It’s not just new drivers that Pass Plus benefits however, as it is often just as beneficial to those who are getting back behind the wheel after a period away from the driver’s seat or those who are just looking to refresh or enrich their knowledge of the roads.

Is There Anything Similar To Pass Plus?

Another option for younger drivers looking for more affordable motoring costs is to consider getting a telematics or black box policy, which monitors your driving habits and adjusts your car insurance premiums based on how well you drive.

On average, a telematics policy can reduce premiums by £200 for all drivers. However, the discounts are believed to be much bigger for both new and older motorists who insurers declare are the highest risk. For new and older motorists, they can expect to see up to £500 in discount when using a telematics or black box policy.

According to comparison site GoCompare, the average comprehensive car insurance premium for 17 to 24-year-old driver was £1,453.31. That’s down six per cent on the same period of 2018 when the average was £1,519.03.


Overall, if you were considering the Pass Plus scheme purely to reduce your insurance premiums, you probably won’t see the benefit. Instead, explore quotes on telematics policy if you feel comfortable driving with a black box. If you just want to enhance your knowledge or refresh your driving skills to feel safer on the road, the Pass Plus will benefit you.