Online Car Buying Tips: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Vehicle

In an era in which we seem to buy almost everything online, it should be no surprise to anyone that looking for competitive car finance deals across the web is now also so popular.

So, at CarFinanceGenie, we thought we’d list our favourite tips that will help you to buy the right car online, for the right price.

Research your options online

In some ways, buying a car online is just like buying anything else online such as a book, laptop or washing machine. One of those ways is the ease with which you can use Google to research your options and inform your eventual buying decision.

Whether you have a particular car model in mind and you’re interested in seeing what online reviews say about it, or you want to read advice and recommendations about the financing options available, Google can greatly help you to make the right purchasing choices.

Don’t be rushed into a decision

Another great thing about buying a car online is that you don’t need to feel pressured into making any quick decisions – whether by a pushy salesperson or even just the fact that the showroom closes in an hour.

Nor will you have to travel between brick-and-mortar dealerships to see the latest available models near you, so shopping for a car online can actually save you time. The CarFinanceGenie website, for example, lists up-to-date stock that you can browse right now, in the comforting surroundings of your own home.

Think about the best ways to finance your purchase

Money makes the world go round, and it’s no different when you’re buying a car online. But don’t just consider your budget when you’re deciding how to fund your purchase – also think about the different types of car finance available.

The main types of car finance you’re likely to hear about are hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP). Both of these finance options require the borrower to make fixed monthly payments until the end of the loan term.

However, if you have a HP deal, once the agreement comes to an end, you will own the car outright. Meanwhile, a PCP arrangement gives the borrower the option of either paying a final lump sum (a ‘balloon payment’) to own the car, or exchanging or returning it.

Scrutinise the running costs of the model you’re considering

Even car finance deals that are well within your budget might not be so attractive if the vehicle in question would be prohibitively expensive to run on a month-by-month, year-by-year basis.

So, take account of such recurring costs as insurance, fuel, servicing and possible repairs. Look at how much the car would cost to tax, seek an insurance quote for that vehicle, and review its fuel consumption, while also factoring in the mileage you’re likely to do each year.

Compare the merits of different car models

Even if you already know what model of car you would like to buy, it’s worth looking at the different variants available, including engine sizes, fuel options and three-door and five-door versions. Also look at what comes as standard with the specific model, and what features and technology might only be available as extras.

If you don’t already have your heart set on a particular model (and it’s absolutely fine if you do), you might also look at the specifications and prices of similar vehicles.

Ideally, it’s best to keep as open-minded as possible when you’re looking to buy a car online, so that you don’t overlook a vehicle that could be ideal for you. So try to think in terms of what you need from a new car, rather than necessarily focusing on a particular model straight away.

Consider obtaining your new car and finance deal through one portal

If you know that you would like to purchase a car on finance, you don’t need to look at multiple websites to secure both a competitive car finance deal and the right vehicle.

CarFinanceGenie’s honest and stress-free service allows you to get approved for car finance on the same day you apply. We even have a strong reputation for helping those who may have been turned down for car finance elsewhere due to bad credit.

Then, once you’re approved for a deal with one of our lenders, we’ll help you to find the most suitable car from across our carefully selected dealers.

If you can’t find the car for you in our current stock, our expert vehicle sourcing team can assist in finding the vehicle that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements.

So, why trust any provider of car finance deals other than CarFinanceGenie when you next #WishUponACar?