Buyer’s Guide: Ford

If there is one car brand above all others that you would practically have to be living on Mars to not know about – putting aside the obvious supercar or ‘prestige’ marques such as Ferrari or BMW – it is Ford. The Blue Oval has been pretty much everywhere on roads, racetracks and even in popular culture since some guy called Henry Ford incorporated it in 1903 and began to take on the world.
While Ford is – of course – an American multinational, Ford of Britain, with its registered office in Laindon, Essex, has long had its own distinct identity. Childhood and family memories of yours may be attached to iconic past models ranging from the Escort and Capri of the ‘60s and ‘70s, to the Fiesta and Sierra of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and 21st-century favourites like the Ka and Focus.
Is there, then, much to be said about the process of buying a Ford that you won’t know already? Well, yes, there is. So, to ward off any complacency brought on by the badge’s sheer familiarity, let’s set out some of the things the would-be purchaser most urgently needs to know about Ford cars.
Ford is a common, trusted and classic marque
As we touched on above, the fact that everyone knows Ford is a bit of an advantage in itself when it comes to buying a model bearing the Blue Oval badge. Fords continue to sell extremely well in the UK – data from Statista showing that as of December 2020, the brand led the way for new passenger-car registrations – and parts for Ford models are generally easy to obtain.
However, it is also important to note that a particular marque generating a lot of sales doesn’t automatically make it ‘better’ than the rest. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult the latest satisfaction survey findings, too.
According to Auto Express’s 2021 Driver Power survey, for instance, which brings together responses from vehicle owners, Ford attracted an 84.42% rating – more ‘solid’ than spectacular.
What else to consider when in the market for a Ford
Whether you’re specifically interested in buying a Ford for the reasons outlined above or you’re a bit of a brand loyalist – or for any other reason – it is crucial to consider what exactly you want the car for. With Ford having such a broad range, there’s no point in going for a Fiesta or Puma if your real-world requirements call for the purchase of an S-Max or Galaxy.
Nonetheless, if you do have some flexibility with regard to which exact model you buy, there’s a lot of scope to get a great deal on a Ford at the moment, whether on the new or used market.
Autocar’s John Evans, for instance, has observed that the once-ubiquitous Mondeo being put in the shade lately by SUVs could help you land a great example of the former for a very reasonable price. It may be ‘out of fashion’ these days, but the “world car” remains a spacious and practical option that is also rewarding to drive.
As for if it’s an SUV you’re after, the Kuga could be an alluring option at the more compact end of the market; in Evans’ words, “it’s the model we think of when searching for an example of a fine-handling mainstream SUV.”
All in all, Ford is a more than sensible option for most motorists on the lookout for a great driving experience, practicality, sound pricing, and a relatively fuss-free ownership experience.
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