3 Super Impressive Car Records

3 Super Impressive Car Records That Will Take Some Beating

Ever since Panhard & Levassor stunned the world by reaching speeds of 15.25 mph back in the 19th century, car manufacturers have consistently competed for various records, speed being one of the most sought-after titles to hold.

Here are three massive car records that are going to take some beating.


First up, a record that was set off of the road. T​he Ferrari 250 Gran Turismo Omolagata is world famous for being the most expensive car to ever sell at an auction.

Back between 1962-1964, this beautiful car would have set back the buyer a whopping for the time $18,500! A massive amount of money at the time, this car then went on to break the record at auction by selling for an insane $48.4 million.

So, why?

W​ell the process to purchase one of these was just as difficult to wrap your head around as the price. There were only 36 of these cars ever made, and beyond that, all the people that purchased one had to be signed off by Enzo Ferrari himself! This record is unlikely to be beaten anytime soon and I have a funny feeling the auction winner doesn’t take it out very much…

$48.4m just out of your budget?

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W​ho hasn’t heard of the Bugatti Veyron? This car became a mainstream icon when it knocked the Koeniggsegg CCR out of the number one spot just a year after it broke the top speed record. It didn’t only beat it either, it wiped the floor with it. The Veyron was an incredible 12mph (19kph) quicker than the Koeniggsegg. The record lasted 2 years, before it then dropped to second following a run by the SSC Ultimate Aero TT that was a less impressive 3mph quicker.

In a phenomenal “no, we’re not having that” move, B​ugatti retaliated and released the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport; which once again broke the record in 2010 at 267mph (431kph). The car was an phenomenal piece of technology for its time, and will remain well remembered in the popular episode of Top Gear where Captain Slow held a world record for 20 minutes.

T​his car was limited to 30 units, and was only in production for a year before the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse was released a year later. But this series of cars will go down in history as some of the all-time greats.


T​he Bugatti Chiron was the first hypercar in history to hit the 300mph barrier the other day, and it surprised the world by beating Hennessey and Koeniggsegg in the race to 300mph.

T​he Bugatti Chiron was the replacement for the Bugatti Veyron, but Bugatti decided to limit the newer version for safety reasons. The Chiron was capable of hitting the 310mph mark, but it couldn’t handle the forces.

B​ut now we have finally seen it happen! Top Gear released a video alongside Bugatti where they hit the 304mph mark in a modified version of the car. This car will go down in history as the first car to hit 300mph, just like the Ferrari F40 was the first road car to hit 200mph in 1987. So tell me, when will he hit 400mph? A greedy question, since we’ve only just hit 300mph; but the way technology seems to be going -anything is possible…