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What Age Can you Legally Drive Around The World?

Young driver

What Age Can you Legally Drive Around The World?   The general minimum driving age in the UK is 17. Of course, there are some exceptions to that regulation, but it’s by definition the legal age of driving. And generally, that reflects attitudes around the world, with similar ages being applied across Europe and around

Is Pass Plus Really Worth It?

Man driving

Is Pass Plus Worth It? Have you just passed your test and want to feel as comfortable and safe on the road as possible? Maybe you’ve been driving a while and just want to increase your knowledge of the roads you drive on? Maybe you’re applying for jobs that require driving abilities and want to

Driving With Long Term Health Conditions

Diabetic Testing Blood

How Does A Long Term Health Condition Affect Driving? There is no definitive list when it comes to medical conditions that affect driving. Due to driving being one activity that needs most of your senses to be at their best to keep yourself safe, almost all medical conditions will affect your driving, even if it’s

Does Your Location Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?


Does Your Location Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?   Moved house since your last renewal? Thinking of moving to a new area but worried your insurance will rise? Well, to answer your questions, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the insurer. To work out how much you have to pay for insurance,

The Future Of The Car Industry

Electric Car

Where is The Car Industry Headed? The car industry is a constantly changing environment finely balanced between speed, comfort, safety and technology. With car features becoming more and more impressive with every model, where can we expect the industry as a whole to go in the next few years?   The Electric Car Electric was

Top Tips For Learner Drivers


Great Tips For Learner Drivers Often, turning 17 means one thing for many people- being able to learn to drive. But learning to drive can be a stressful, time-consuming and financially draining experience. It can often be a scary, overwhelming and difficult process, no matter what age you learn. But for most of us, driving

3 Super Impressive Car Records

Super Car

3 Super Impressive Car Records That Will Take Some Beating Ever since Panhard & Levassor stunned the world by reaching speeds of 15.25 mph back in the 19th century, car manufacturers have consistently competed for various records, speed being one of the most sought-after titles to hold. Here are three massive car records that are

Top 5 Car Gadgets to Improve Your Commute


Top 5 Car Gadgets With the technological world constantly advancing and an app for just about every purpose possible, its no surprise to see the automotive industry head in the same direction. Gadgets are cool, and often people are at an end when stuck in a traffic jam or on the road without the use

Driving Abroad Essential Information


How does Brexit change driving in Europe? The UK is no longer part of the EU. This means there have been certain changes to the rules on driving around Europe. To travel to Europe, you’ll need a GB Sticker, a Green Card and, in certain instances, an international driving permit (IDP). For more information on

What New Drivers Should Consider When Buying a Car

New Car

What New Drivers Should Consider When Buying a Car Just passed? Congratulations! Looking ahead with a test in mind? Well prepared! Just finally getting round to buying a car? Well, whatever your situation, we have you covered. So first things first, decide between new and used.   Is a New Car a Good Option? Theres

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